Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Do You Know Your Mom?

Wednesday 15, 2017

I came across this Meme on "My Time With Friends"

Do You Know Your Mom?
I thought I would post Annie's Meme list of questions she had on her blog.

                                                       Do You Know Your Mom?


1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?  She likes "Judge Wapner". Don't dare
    call her when he's on, she will answer the phone and say you know Judge Wapner is on and hang
    up on you.

2. What dressing does she eat?  She loved the all!

3. Name a food she hates? She loved food, There isn't anything she didn't like.

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what would she have to drink?  Strohs Beer

5. Favorite music to listen to?  She enjoyed Country music. Her favorite singer song is.....

6. What is her nickname for you?  My mother never used nicknames for me.

7. What is something she collects?  She wasn't a collector.

8. Where is her favorite place to visit?  She really never liked going anywhere. She did like to go to
     my Uncle Ed's {My Dad's Brother} on the Forth Of Julys for our Family Reunion

9. What is her favorite breakfast?  Most of the time she ate toast.

10. What would she never wear?  Pants, Shorts, T~Shirts, ect.

11. What is her favorite sports Team? She really didn't like sports. Though she would watch
       Football if my Dad had it on and Bowling for Dollars if her cousin was watching it.

12. What is something that you do that she wishes you didn't do?  She wished I didn't stay in
       my bedroom like I did

13. What's her favorite animal?  She didn't care for animals

14. What could she spend all day doing?  Sleeping

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