Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Facebook Questions

•Single? No, Happily Married

•Crushing? Only on my husband

 •Favorite food? Chicken

•Favorite color? Grey, Black, and Blue

•Favorite music?  Country

•Best friend? Diane and JR

•In love? Yes

•Hobbies? Plastic Canvas Needlepointing, Tie Fleece Blankets, Ceramics, Bowling

•Long/short hair? Shoulder Length

•Height? 5'2"

•Jacket/hoodie? Jacket

•Eye color? Brown

•Hair color? Brown

•Shirt color? Red

•Jeans or shorts? Jeans

•Get married? August 2017 will be our 12th Anniversary

 •Get divorced? Not planning on it

•Have kids? 3 Adult stepchildren

•If so how many? above

•Day dream? Sometimes

•Some one you love? My Grandchildren

 •Someone you hate? Dirty D

•Got tattoos? Nope

•Got piercings? Just Ears

•Worst day of your life? Days when my Mom & Dad passed away

•Best day of your life? When I got married

•Biggest fear? Losing people I love

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