Tuesday, February 7, 2017

FaceBook Questions

In honor of Valentine's Day

•Who's oldest? He is...

•Who was interested first? He was

•Same high school? Yes

•Most sensitive? Me

•Worst temper? Me

•More social? Him

•Said "I love you" first? It was "i love you too" and Me

•Hardest working? Him

•More sarcastic? Me

•Who makes the most mess? Both

•Wakes up first? Him

•Bigger Family? Him

•Who cooks the most? Me

•Who cries more? Me

•Better singer? Him

•Hogs the remote? Him

•Better driver? Him

•Better cook? Both

•Spends the most? Me

•Smarter? Both

•Length of relationship? Married for 11 1/2 years .....Been together 13 1/2 years

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