Tuesday, February 7, 2017

5000 Questions Part 13 {1201 ~ 1300}

Part Thirteen

1201. Have you ever owned a record?
Yes, Many and still of them

1202. In some states people want to make it a requirement that creationism (god made the world) be taught alongside evolution in high school sciences classes. What do you think of this?
I think that would be fine, but the kids should have the choice if they want to take it or not....Heck your not even allow to have prayer in school now a days

1203. Should evolution also be taught in religious establishments like church or temple?

1204. Can a person believe in creationism and in evolution at the same time?

1205. You obviously like surveys since you are filling out a 5,000 question one. Do any of the following surveys sound interesting:

The Doors/Jim Morrison Survey: No

The David Bowie Survey: No

The Beatles Survey: Yes

The Rocky Horror Survey: Yes

The Labyrinth Survey: No

The SLC Punk Survey: No

The birthday survey: Yes

So this is love, the survey: Yes

The heartache/break up survey: Yes

Creationism vs. Evolutionism Survey: No

Opinion Survey: Yes

World Trade Center Survey: Yes

Halloween Survey: Yes

Survey of Sin: Yes

How evil are you? Survey: Yes

The Roaring 20's Survey: Yes

Well, once, long ago, I created all those surveys. Now they are floating around in people’s diaries because the diary I had them in (Simply Surveys) was deleted due to disuse.

1206. Who did you get this survey from?
I don't remember...Found it when I was looking for surveys to take

Say one nice thing about the person you got this survey from:
It's okay

1207. Here is a list of priorities...



Close friends



Being true to yourself/self respect


Aesthetics (beauty in the world)





Leading an exciting life

Making a contribution to humanity

Being rich

Being famous

Having power


World peace

Accepting and understanding others

Finding yourself




What are your top three priorities from this list?

1208. Out of that same list what are your BOTTOM 3 priorities?
Having Power....Being Famous....Leading an exciting life

1209. How many hours of TV do you watch in an average day?
The tv is on 24/7...But I really only watch something 3 to 4 hours

1210. Do you want to have a car, a house and 2.5 kids?
Love toooo

1211. What song, CD, or band is a 'guilty pleasure' for you (meaning you know it sucks but you like it anyway)?
I don't know I like all country music except Hank Williams Jr.

1212. If you were going to vote for a candidate for president and then you found out that the person you were going to vote for is HIV positive would that effect your vote and why?
If the person came out with it at the beginning of the election it wouldn't change my mind. If they hide it might.

1213. Have you ever had an HIV test?

1214. What time do you:

Get up in the morning: Between 7 & 8

Eat lunch: Between 1 & 2

Do something active during the day: Depends on what kind of day I am having

Go to bed: Between 1 & 2 am

1215. Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?
I have had people taken me for rides

1216. When you hear the word ‘biker’ what kind of person do you think of?
People who wear leather

1217. Did your parents ever talk to you about sex?

1218. If your pet dies, you can now have it cloned for $50,000. How do you feel about this?
When Princess passed away in 2015, The thought of it sounded wonderful, but I wouldn't cause no matter what it wouldn't be my "Princess" or "Angel"

1219. Are you or would you be embarrassed about buying condoms?

1220. Do any of your clocks make an odd noise or play a song when the hour strikes?
My christmas clock I put out at christmas plays christmas songs

1221. What are the things that make you go 'Hmmmm....' (remember that song?)?
I remember the song

1222. Are you a sinner?

1223. Are you naughty or nice?

1224. Is belly-dancing sexy?
No,but it's good for you

1225. What celebrity would you love to be able to dance with?
Sam Ellite

1226. What is your favorite comic book movie?
Scooby Doo

1227. What movie would you recomend for couples to watch on Valentine's day?
The Notebook

1228. Besides when you were little how many people have seen you completely naked and who?

1229. Is sex something that should be treated casually?

1230. Have you ever participate in an orgy?

If no, would you ever consider it?
Nope, Not my thing

1231. What song is in your head right now?
None so far

1232. What was the best day of your life like?
So far it was my wedding day August 13,2005! It was wonderful.....And July 12,2012 being in the room the birth of my Granddaughter HarlieQuinn....I'm sure I had more and more best days to come!

1233. What are you all about?
That's a mystery

1234. You have won a contest where you get all these great prizes but you can only keep one for yourself and must give the others away to friends, family or whoever. Which one do you keep and who do you give the rest to:

A $5,000 gift certificate to radio shack:My husband

A brand new yellow jeep:My Stepson Chad

An all expense paid vacation for 2 to Italy: I keep!!

Lunch with N'Sync:My Granddaughter Starr

A lifetime supply of herbal essences shampoo: Dana ~~ I'm sorry that was wrong but truthful

A $1,000 check:My Best Friend Diane

A palm pilot? My Niece Amanda B

An autographed picture of Shakira: My Nephew Ty

Breakfast with kid rock: My Grandaughter Alex

A shirt once worn by Jonathan Davis:My stepson Chad

One round of mini-golf with Sharon Osbourne:  My Nephew Cody

A phone call from Robert Smith:My Niece Amanda S.

A brand new washer/dryer: My Stepdaughter

Free medical insurance for 1 year: My Husband

1235. Who do you think you might have known in a past life?
Who knows

1236. Do you take vitamins?

1237. Do you prefer fake or real flowers around the house?

1238. Sometimes roses are pink, yellow, white or red. If you give someone a rose, does its color change the meaning behind it as a gift?
Yes, Each color Rose has a meaning

1239. What's the most deadly thing you can think of?

1240. To-MAY-toes or to-MA-toes?

1241. Out of all your friends, family and the people you know who is the most:

Intelligent: Gaylord

Happy: Chad

Miserable: Charlie

Easily influenced: Kenny

Cranky: Jamie

Bitchy: Me

Evil: Linda

Nice: Amy

1242. What's the best live musical performance you ever saw?
Tracy Byrd

1243. Have you ever had a 'pregnancy scare'?
No, I never was pregnant

1244. Kelly Osbourne or Madonna's version of “Pappa Don't Preach”?

1245. Can you change a tire?
Never tried

1246. Have you ever put your fist through a wall?

1247. When do you feel the most relaxed and able to be yourself?
When I'm alone or with family and close friends

1248. Do you have a place that is your own where you won't show anyone else?

1249. Are you a part of any teams or clubs?
Use to be on a Bowling League for years, Not this year though.....I belong to Scottdale Fireman's Club

1250. Is cheerleading a sport?

1251. Do you believe that people should be able to choose death for themselves if they want to end their lives?
They will if they want to, It has nothing to do with what I believe

1252. Is there anything you morally object to?

1253. What would you never do for money?
Have sex

1254. Applebees, the Outback, or TGI Friday's?
I have only ever been to Applebees

1255. Which do you drink the most: juice, soda, milk, or water?

1256. What sport do you like to watch the most?

1257. What sport do you like to play the most?
Volley Ball

1256. Do you write poetry?
I haven't in awhile

1257. Are you aggressive?

1258. Have you ever fallen from grace?

1259. Does it bother you when a band you like gets really popular?

1260. Has anyone ever won you a stuffed animal?
Yes, Many stuffed animals

If yes, did you name it after the person who won it for you?

1261. Can you go one week without cursing at all?

1262. What's the best candy?
Peanut Butter Reeses Cups

1263. Can you lick your own nose?
Never tried and I'm not going to try to find out

1264. What song would you like to hear spontaneously in a public place (like a store)?
Any country song I like

1265. Do you ever make others feel unwanted?
I hope not

1266. Do you think you have ever made others feel unwanted without realizing you were doing it?
I don't think I ever did

1267. Are you very sensitive to what other people are feeling and how they will react to certain things?
Yes, I try to make everyone happy

1268. Have you ever climbed a tree?

1269. Do you feel somehow different when the moon is full?

1270. Who do you know that talks a lot but never really says anything?
A few people

1271. Is world peace possible?
It's a nice dream

1272. Who do you know that is making a huge life mistake yet you can't stop them?
A friend
What’s the mistake?
Staying with someone who is always making her unhappy

1273. Do you plan to own a home or rent an apartment for most of your life?
We owned our place in PA till we moved here to Ohio in Oct.2012 then we rent an basement apartment till 2014 when we bought a trailer and now renting a trailer here in Blairsville, PA hoping to buy it one day

1274. Would you enjoy going to a strip bar to see strippers (of whatever sex you find appealing)?
Not really

1275. Would you ever consider stripping in a sexual way for money?

1276. Would you ever consider being a nude model for an artistic life drawing class for money?

1277. What are 2 goals that you have?
To buy our own home again and get down to my goal weight of 150

1278. What are 2 negative traits that you have?
I'm impatient and I keep things bottle up in me

1279. Will these negative traits stop you from achieving your goals?
I won't let them

1280. Everyone knows that you are nice, fun, creative, and good but what are 4 other positive traits that you have?
Wow, You assume quite abit about me, don't you? Okay 4 other positive traits.....I'm loyal, Willing to help a friend, I'm organized, generous with my time

1281. How often do you daydream about your wedding day?
I haven't dreamed about since my wedding day August 13, 2005

1282. If you were hiring someone for a job but could only ask him or her 3 questions in the interview what would you ask?
"Why do you want this job?"
"What is one trait or skill you have that you think sets you apart from others for this job?"
"What is the most important thing in your life right now?"

1283. If you were interviewing someone for the position of your new friend but could only ask 3 questions, what would they be?
"Are you tolerant of people who are very different than you, either in personality or beliefs?"
"What's your favorite thing to do in your spare time?"
"What do you miss from your old friends?"

1285. Wholesome - Conducive to sound health or well being; salutary: simple, examples: wholesome food; a wholesome climate, Promoting mental, moral, or social health: example: wholesome entertainment.

Do you enjoy wholesome activities (sports, cooking, beach, family time, zoo, museums, etc.)?
Sure do

If yes what wholesome activity do you enjoy the most?
Go for a walk, Go to amusement parks

Are you a wholesome person?
Not really

1286. When was your first kiss and what was it like?
I think 6 th grade and felt weird

1287. Are you quiet and shy?
Until you get to know me

1288. Are you bitchy, cranky, whiny, miserable, depressed, needy, mean, flakey, shallow, obnoxious, inconsiderate, nervous, and/or stuck up?
Aren't we all of these one time or another

1289. Do you come off any of these ways even if you aren't really like that?
Of course, I'm human

1290. Are you loud and unfriendly?
Not really

1291. Can a positive attitude/good personality make up for someone being less than beautiful?
Yes, I focus more on personality than looks

1292. Can being totally beautiful and hot make up for a negative attitude/bad personality?
No, Unless you are willing to put up with the person just standing there and not opening their mouth!

1293.What are you seeking?
Questions that you haven't repeated like this one

1294. Could you see yourself as a future nun/monk?

1295. Would you rather have a baby or get a pet?
I have pets, I would love a baby but can't

1296. What mistake do you repeat over and over?
Trusting the wrong person

1297. What do you think of the restaurant Hooters?
Only been there once, they have great wings

1298. What are 5 traits that make someone ugly?
1. Abusiveness
2. Lack of hygeine
3. Dishonesty
4. Constant anger
5. Self-Centeredness

1299. Do you hate when people tell you to smile?
Yes, very much!

1300. Do you like the writing of Douglas Adams?
Don't know

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