Monday, February 20, 2017

5000 Questions Part 16 {1501 ~ 1599}

Part Sixteen

1501. What did you think of the movie Black Hawk Down?
It's a great movie!

1502. What movie has the most surprising ending ever?
Memento was a little messed up

1503. What are you currently angry at?
Friends / Family not paying me back like they said they would.

1504. Who is harder to please, you or your lover?
Neither one of is really hard to please

1505. What is the most dramatic thing you have ever done for attention?
I don't know, I usually avoid attention

1506. What do you have issues with?
My body

1507. There is a nuclear war and your fallout shelter has room and supplies enough for two. No one knows about the fallout shelter but you. Who do you choose to take in (Remember, the person you choose is the only person you will know in 5-15 years when you can come above ground again)?
I would take my husband

1508. Do you have any fillings?
Yes, I have a few

1509. What do you do when you are home alone that you cannot do when other people are at home?
I'm home most of the day by myself....There is only hubby and I.....He works 10 to 12 hours a day. I can do anything when hes home, But I usually make phone calls, clean, workout when I'm by myself.

1510. Have you ever had a near death experience?

1511. Do you read on the toilet?

1512. Are you afraid of a global nuclear war?
Not really

1513. If there was a global nuclear war would you expect to be a survivor?
If it ever does happen, though, you can find me walking towards the clouds, because there won't be much to live for when it's over

1514. How often do people try to talk to you while you are in the bathroom?
Not often

1515. Have you ever swam in the ocean?
No, Never been to the ocean

1516. Have you ever built a sandcastle?

1517. Do you feel comfortable in a bathing suit?

1518. What would be the best season of the year to get married?
Fall / Winter

What would be the best day?
Saturday, That way mostly everyone can make it and not to many people has to get up to early on Sunday to go to work

1519. What are 2 things that the perfect ___ would do?

Call on occasion just to say "I Love You"
Be supportive through the tough times

Go to school events
Make sure you talk to you kids

Be there for you in good times and bad times
Be loyal,honest and trustworthy

Help talented, ambitious kids reach their goals
Help the kids that needs a little xtra help

Try to find the root to the problem

1520. If someone you loved was seriously miserable for a long period of time what would you do to help cheer him or her up?
I would do whatever I could. Mostly just be there for them and try to spend time with them as much as possible to give them time to laugh and joke and remember that life gets better

1521. What was the best year of your life so far?
Every year is a best year and best years are to come also

1522. When people are born is it predetermined whether they will be a good or bad person?

1523. What is your least favorite bodily function?
Vomiting, Not fun

1524. Does the weather affect your mood?
Yes, I find I'm happier when it's cooler out.....Let me tell ya if it's Hot out you don't want to be around me!!!!

1525. If you were underground for 5 years what would you miss the most?
My Hot Wings and Watching Wrestling

1526. What do you think of the movie Blast from the Past?
Don't think I seen it

1527. If you were on death row (if you don't feel evil enough to really ever get there, imagine that you have been wrongly accused and wrongly convicted) what would you want your last meal to be?
Hot Wings made by Matt or Angie

1528. How would you want to die (electric chair, gas, lethal injection, hanging)?
Lethal Injection

1529. Who would you want with you when you died?
My Husband

1530. What would your last words be?
I Love You

1531. What is your favorite summer song?
Then What

1532. Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?

1533. Have you broken a promise to anyone else?

1534. Do you eat red meat?

1535. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
I don't think so

1536. What would you consider a blessed event?
A baby being born

1537. What would you consider a miracle?
Me keeping my cool with one of my neighbors

1538. Here's a list of dead rock stars. How big of a loss to the music industry was each one?

Dave Williams:

Ian Curtis:


Rozz Williams:



Michael Hutchence:

Sid Vicious:

Jimi Hendrix:
The only ones I know is Elvis & Jimi Hendrix, They was both a big loss

1539. What are the most cruel words someone could say to you?
I don't care about you or I hate you

1540. Would you rather catch your parents in bed or have them catch you?
Neither would ever happen cause they are both deceased

1541. If someone offered you $1,000 to cheat on your boy/girlfriend, would you do it?
Nope, There is not enough money in this world to have me cheat on my husband

1542. Would you rather date someone 3 years younger than you, or 15 years older?
Someone 3 year younger than me we would have more in common....Age really isn't a big factor to me

1543. Would you rather like your guy/girl more than s/he likes you, or have him or her like you more?
I would rather him like me more...I think hubby and I loves each other about the same

1544. Which is better, the rush of kissing a new person for the first time, or the comfort of kissing the same person a hundred times?
Comfort is better but the rush was fun

1544. If you could read your boy/girlfriends mind, but only by letting him or her read yours, would you do it?
Yes I would but I know my hubby wouldn't want to read mine....I just asked him I was right his words "that would be scary" HAHA!

1545. Would you rather lose your bathing suit to a huge wave right in front of a cute lifeguard, or your whole family?
Lifeguard I'll never see again

1546. Is truth sometimes stranger than fiction?
No, but that doesn't mean weird stuff doesn't happen

1547. Do you look back and laugh at things that hurt or were embarrassing at the time?
Alot of times yes, but not always

1548. Would you like to live in the Playboy Mansion?

1549. Have you ever looked in anyone's wallet that wasn't yours?
Nope, don't have no reason to

1550. What time and date is it?
February 20,2017 at 2 pm

1551. What song would you (or have you) sung karaoke?
Never sang karaoke, never going to but if I did it would be "The Keepers Of The Stars"

1552. Do you run through the sprinkler on a hot day?
I have years ago

1553. Could you survive without:

Electricity: It would be hard but I could do it if we had to

Heat: Yes

Air conditioning: As long as its not HOTTTTTT

TV: I could survive without it but I would't want to I'd miss my wrestling

Radio: Yes

A car: Could if we had to but it would be alot easier with a car

1554. Would you ever consider shaving your head?
I don't think so

1555. What is one thing that will happen to you less than 24 hours from now?
I'll go to sleep and wake up

1556. What age would you want to stay forever?
When I reach it I'll let ya know

1557. What is the softest part of your body?
My hands

1558. What would make your day if it happened right now?
Me hitting the lottery

1559. What are you thinking about?
What kind of luggage set I want to order for our cruise next year

1560. Are you on:

Drugs: Only the medication from my doctor

The road to nowhere: No

The crazy train: I have been on the crazy train for awhile now

1561. Do you say everything to people's faces or do you talk behind their backs?
I say it to there face, At least if they get mad they know exactly what and how it was said

1562. What is gone that will never come back?
The years of my life that I already lived

1563. What's your biggest turn on?
Guys with Beards and mustaches

1564. Have you ever made love in an elevator?

1565. Are you spiritually dead?

1566. What's your favorite care bear?
Love Alot Bear

1567. Do you like the music of Warren Zevon?
I don't recall of who he is

1568. Have you ever wanted a picture painted onto your car?
No but I always wanted our names on the doors

1569. Are you an alien in a red striped jumpsuit who plays guitar in a band?

1570. If you aren't an alien in a red striped jumpsuit who plays guitar in a band then who is?
Who knows

1571. How many private entries do you have?

1572. Are you clumsy?
Some days

1573. As you get older will you let your looks go or have plastic surgery?
No plastic surgery here

1574. If you wear contacts or glasses would you ever consider laser eye surgery?
If I had the money I might

1575. What is the most expensive thing you own?
The Kia Forte that we bought in 2013

1576. What do you think of when you hear the word 'cell'?

1577. Have you ever had goat's milk?

1578. Do you care how Jennifer Anniston lives her life?

1579. If there was a 'penny per page' internet tax would you pay it?
I'd go through internet withdraw but I'd drop the internet

1580. Do you treat your pets like family members?
Yes I do.....Angel is my baby

1581. Have you ever eaten tofu?

1582. Do you believe that the 'war on drugs' is effective?
Not really

1583. What would you like to have 435 of (anything but money)?
Computers or Cameras

1584. How many people know the password to your diary besides you?
HAHA I have "The Online Diary" ~~ Now come with the questions....My hubby knows all my passwords to every site that I have

1585. Do you like Calvin and Hobbes?
Yes, they're cute

1586. Have you ever thought of deleting your diary?

1587. Have you ever thought of moving to OD+?
Don't know where or what it is but No, I just moved to where I'm at and I love it

1588. Do 48 hours need 48 thrills?
No, but that wouldn't be bad

1589. Who do you know that acts phony?
I know tooooo many like that

1590. Do you like American Pie?

1591. What is the last law you broke?
Drove about a mile without license, but that has been years ago

1592. Have you ever run away from home?

1593. Have you had a good feeling today?

1594. What was it?
Being able to work 3 miles with the pain in my knee {Slipped on ice about 3 weeks ago}

1595. Did your parents pretend their was a tooth fairy and slip money under your pillow?

1596. If yes, how much per tooth?
50 cents

1597. Is there a difference between art and crafts?

1598. Have you ever tried out for something?

1599. Did you make it?

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