Monday, January 30, 2017

The Simple Woman's Day Book ~ {February Edition}

The Simple Woman's Day Book {February Edition}


                                                                      FOR TODAY

                                                                    January 30, 2017

Looking out my window.....I'm watching it snow, really a white out.

I am thinking.....about all I have to do today and to sore to do anything.

I am thankful.....I didn't get really hurt this morning when I slipped on ice when I tried to walk down
                             to the mail box. Though my knee & ankle are swelled & lower back hurts.

One of my favorite spending time with my Great Niece Serentiy

I am wearing.....Grey & Red lounge PJ's.

I am creating.....a list of things I need to take on the cruise in March 2018 & things I have to buy
                            before then.

I am watching.....Days of our lives. a soap opera that I got back into watching.

I am reading....."Flowers In The Attic" by V. C. Andrews for the second time.

I am listening to.....the TV, My Cockatiels that are going crazy, Angel snoring and the furnace,
                                 along with the dryer.

I am hoping.....the swelling in my knee  ankle goes down soon so I an try and get my workout in.

I am learning.....nothing a the moment!

In the kitchen.....I need to clear the table off.

A moment from my day.....After this I will be working on a few swaps from Swap Bot.


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