Friday, January 20, 2017

Facebook Question

I was tagged with these on Facebook........

Name: Tammy
Age: 52
🌈 Favourite Color: Grey, Black & Blue

🎤 Favourite Singer: Tracy Byrd

🎧 Favourite Song: The Keeper Of The Stars

🎭 Favourite Actor/Actress: Sam Elliott  & Julia Roberts

🎥 Favourite Film: The Green Mile

📺 Favourite TV Show:Wrestling

🍕Favourite Food: Chicken

🅰 Favourite Word: Love

🍸 Favorite Drink: Crystal Light
Pepsi Or Coke?: Neither

 School Or Bed?: Bed

 Single Or Taken?: Taken ~ Happily Married

 Kim Kardashian Or Paris Hilton?: Kim

 Hugs Or Kisses?: Both

 Naughty Or Nice?: Both

 Money Or World Peace?: Money

 Mint Breath Or Morning Breath?: Mint

 1984 Ghostbusters or 2016 Ghostbusters: 1984 {never seen the 2016}

 Crazy Or Quiet?: Depends who you ask

 Miley Cyrus Or Taylor Swift?:Neither
Have You Ever Smoked?: No

Have You Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep?: Many times

Have You Ever Snuck Out?:No

Have You Ever Ate Mouldy Bread?:No

Have You Ever Been Bullied?: 

Have You Ever Wanted To Kill Someone?: HAHA!

Have You Ever Had Food Poisoning? No

Have You Ever Drank Spoilt Milk?:No

Have You Ever Killed Someone?:No
Do You Smoke? No, Never even tried it

Do You Love Your Parents?: Their both gone. Yes

Do You Wear Moccasins In Public?: Yes

Do You Have Style?:T~ shirts, Sweatshirts, jeans

Do You Have A Crush?: Only on my husband

Do You Hate Life?: Some times 

Do You Love Life?: At times I do

Do You Drive?: No, Not since 2007 when I started taking seizures

Do You Murder People? Really???

 Do You Like Pizza?: Yes, Veggy Pizza & Taco Pizza

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