Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

Back In Time Again!

Here are two old meme quizzes Toni T at My Time With Friends found on her flash drive and thought it would be fun to post them again. I always enjoy memes.

10 Best Games (5 board games, 5 card games)

Board Games
1} Tri-Omino's
2} Monopoly
3} Chinese Checkers
4} Scrabble
5} Parcheesi
Card Games
6} Gin Rummy
7} 500 Rummy
8} Spades
9} Uno
10} Phase 10
Unexpected Windfall

1.  If you were to get a unexpected windfall, what is your first thought on what to do with the money? Were you practical or not?:   Definitely practical. Buy a house & piece of land

2.  You have $1000 to spend on yourself. What do you buy?:   A new Camera

3.  You have $1000 to spend on something for your home. What do you buy?: A new bedroom suit

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