Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blog Challenge For July: Day 28

A New Blog Challenge For JULY !!
Here we go with another challenge

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I have so many great vacation memories!
One with my Sister and some with my husband.
Let me tell you what I think was the best funniest vacation memory was.
I have been to Canada 11 times with my Sister. Each time we went was great.
This one year we stayed with relations in Buffalo New York {we would have rather stayed in NY}. The one day we was going to the Falls on American side, of course we missed the turn. We ended up going through the toll to Canada, we thought we would go through turn around and cross to the American side.
When we got to the gate the guy said you just came through. We explained we missed our turn we wanted to go to the Falls on the American side that day.
They wouldn't let us out, we had to go into the center and explain everything to the guy inside. My sister and I both had to fill these papers out why we came across into Canada for and turning around to leave. After we filled everything out and talked to the guy {He was trying not to laugh}. On both of our papers in a big red marker he wrote LOST and we was to show them at the gate, we did and if you ever went to Canada you know they are not suppose to laugh. When we got to the gate and showed our papers you could see a little grin on the guys face.

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