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5000 Questions: Party Forty~Two


We're almost done, readers! Soon , no more obnoxious posts like this. Until I find the next super long survey.

Part Forty-Three

4101. What is the most difficult thing you have ever overcome?
Living with a headache

4102. What is more imporatnt, how much someone has achieved or how far they have come to achieve it?

4103. Have you ever had anything published?

4104. Of the following, what kind of person would you be more attracted to (1 is highest, 3 lowest):

less good looking than you?

about as good looking as you?

more good looking than you?

how goodlooking are you?

4105. less inteligent than you?

about as intelligent as you?

more intelligent than you?

how intelligent are you?

4106. has less money than you?

has about as much money as you?

has more money than you?

How wealthy are you?
Not very

4107. less wild and crazy than you?

about as wild and crazy as you?

more wild and crazy than you?

How wild and crazy are you?

4108. Is your bathroom shelf stacked with numorous bottles of lotions and creams?

4109. How do you maintain your body?
I take vitamins and walk

4110. Did you ever imagine that objects have a life of their own?

4111. What is it like to be an object, do ya think?

4112. Do stones, rocks, trees, lamps, water, couches, etc all have some sort of life energy running through them?

4113. Would you ever consider getting romantically involved with:

your teacher?
I of been out of school for years ~ No I never have

your doctor?
No ~ I'm happily married

4114. If  I wasn't married and the WWE Wrestler "The Undertaker" asked me for sex, I could NOT refuse.
Fill in the blank as if you were speaking.

4115. What is 'nothing'?
The opposite of nothing

4116. Would you rather read about how to get better abs or about how thousands of people across the globe are marching for peace?
Get better abs

4117. Should america make love, not war?

4118. If you could nominate anyone for sainthood, who would you and why?
I have no idea

4119. Can you name one person who is purely good?
No such person

4120. How about one person who is completely evil?
The Devil

4121. Is there a book inside of you?
I'm sure there is

If yes, what about?
I haven't thought of a name yet

4122. Do you call people more often or get calls more often?
Get more calls

4123. What do you wake up to?
I wake up at 3:30 then go back to bed at 4:30 when my hubby leaves for work, then I wake up between 7 & 7:30 for the day

4124. If you could get a free subscription to any magazine what would it be?
Right now I'm getting free subscriptions of Redbook and Better Homes and Garden

4125. When you wrote letters to santa did you ever ask for stuff that didn't exist?
No I only asked for Barbies

4126. Make up a new slogan for McDonald's:
It's Fast And Cheap

4127. What kind of people do you like to be associated with (buisness, writers, dark, antisocial, spiritual, happy)?
Happy or anyone who wants to associated with me

4128. How are you like a toaster?
I pop up every morning

4129. Do you believe we are really in the matrix?
Sure, it explain some things

4130. There are 2 dolls, a gw Bush doll and a Sadam Hussein doll. You can only afford one. Which do you buy?

4131. What is a jabberwocky?
Meaningless or senseless writing

4132. Finish the sentences:

I'm speed racer and I drive real fast, I drive real fast:
I like to get to places fast

I'm a big bird and I like to steal, I like to steal and I like to:

I'm a barbie doll and I've got grace, I've got grace but:
I have a plastic face

4133. What do you think aliens would think of life on earth?
They would laugh at us; at how many miscommunication

4134. What image do you get from the words 'urban decay'?
A worn out empty city with haunted historical buildings

4135. Have a bright beaming sunshine of a day.
Fill in the blank with anything but 'nice'

4136. Do you own anything with a:

southpark character or logo on it?

greatful dead bear or logo on it?

4137. What is your impression of beatniks?
I have no idea

4138. What was the last thing you ordered (or watched) on pay-per-view?
Pay Preview WrestleMania

4139. Nails, long or short?
I would love to have medium nails but I have short

4140. Do you prefer touch lamps, the clapper, or the old-fashioned light switch?
The old fashion light switch

4141. Can you 'berry talk'?
What is berry talk?

4142. Do you like vines on old buildings?

How about grafitti on old buildings?
Depends on what it is

4143. When someone says 'it's been one of those days' what do they mean by 'those days'?
It was a bad day....It was a bad day from the start, they knew they should have stayed in bed

4144. Have you ever owned those magic markers that could change colors?

4145. It's not easy bein' __ Me.
Fill in the blank as if you were speaking.

4146. Is there a song that has been stuck in your head since you were a child?
Yellow Submarine

4147. Do you own anything plaid?
Yes, Two throws

4148. Do you recycle?

4149. What is your strongest point?
I'm really not sure

4150. What is your weakest point?
Hot temper

What are you doing to work on that weakness?
I'm trying to figure out how to improve myself
4151. Paraphrase (rewrite) this sentence without using any of the words currently in it that are more than 2 letters long (except THE you can use THE). If anyone should steal this survey from you they should paraphrase YOUR sentence and so on.

Deep in the heart of turn of the century India a young mongoose is adopted by a British family.
I'll rewrite it but I don't think I'm doing it right

British families took on youthful from India within the turn of the century

4152. A baby is born witha terminal disese. She will suffer agonizing pain for 5 years and then die. The mother gives the baby a sleeping medicine and it dies. Mom claims it was a mercy killing. Prosecution claims it was murder. You are on the jury. What is your vote?
Guilty ~ I think it is murder; science and medicine can come up with new cures everyday for diseases. How does the mother know that her baby can't be cured? Everyone is here on earth for a reason, whether it is 70 years or just a few months.

4153. Why doesn't poetry say outright what it means?
That's what art is ~ People has their own meaning for poetry

4154. Read this sentence:

 As time flies along, we sit and dream.

Now delete it.


Now write any sentance you want there instead.

4155. What is your opinion of Orson Welles?
Scientifically creative

4156. If you were a lotion, what would your label say?
Ooh la la! Rub me places.

4157. What side is your good side?
When ever I'm laughing; If I laugh, then you will be okay

4158. Rewrite that sentence you deleted up there as best you can. Try to get the idea across even if you don't get the exact words right:
It was dark in the subway and the man held a razor in his hand.

4159. What is your favorite work by Edgar Allen Poe?
Raven and Tell-Tale Heart

4160. Of the following short stories which would you be most likly to read (based on titles alone if you aren't familiar with them, 1 is most likely 9 is least likely)??

Young Goodman Brown
The Cask of Amontillado
The Story of an Hour
The Metemorphasis
Barn Burning
The Lottery
A & P
The Sandkings
Minority Report

4161. What is the differance between a norm and a value?
I like to be valued, but not by the norm....HAHA Seriously, a value is something like a moral that is a fad; it works for a certain time. While a norm doesn't really change; it's a constant.
4162. Can you think of a norm in your own culture that is different from a value in your culture?
Music is always expression, but the style of expression has changed over the years

4163. Who is your favorite star wars character?
I don't know the characters, cause I don't like star wars

4164. Why haven't we begun to colonize the moon?
Our technology isn't fast enough

4165. What did you think of the shuttle columbia blowing up?
It was a sad mistake

4166. What do you remember about the challenger?
It was the end of the month of January 1986....A leak in one of the solid rocket boosters

4167. Is the force with you?

4168. What is your favorite spoof movie?
I love "The Green Mile" And Horror movies

4169. Would you ever own a(n):

human slave?

robotic slave (where the robot is consiouss of itself)?

trained ape slave?

human clone slave?

4170. What can no one stop you from doing?
Being friends with whom ever I want to be friends with

4171. Who would you be bored without?
JR , Princess and Angel

4172. What is your only hope?
That my stepchildren and grandchildren and all my friends dreams come true

4173. Would you rather visit france or puerto rico and why?
France ~ Because I would like to see the Eiffel Tower

4174. Have you ever corrupted someone or dragged them down?

4175. If you could say/teach one thing to all the youth of america what would it be?
Don't grow up so soon...enjoy your youth

4176. Does any part of your body get in your way?
My stomach

4177. Leia or Amidala?

4178. Do you trust your feelings?

4179. Do you feel empty or passionate most of the time?
50 / 50

4180. What was your moment of triumph?
I believe it hasn't happened yet

4181. Explain what piety is:
Belief and trust in and loyalty to God ~~ Faith

4182. In what ways are you a rebel?
I am rebellious because I never did / don't believe in listening to peer pressure

4183. In what ways are you a conformist?
Giving my own opinion but not insulting

4184. Do you likie movie endings that leave you wondering or tie up all the loose ends?
Movies that tie up all the loose ends~

4185. What movie has the best soundtrack?
Dirty Dancing

4186. What adventure would you like to undertake?
Traveling the world...All expenses paid

4187. Do you tip gas station attendants when you get full service?

4188. Do you own any souvineers; what from where?
Yes,  T-Shirt from Geneva On The Lake ~~ T-shirt from Gettysburg, pa campground, S & P Shakers from Gettysburg, Pa, T-Shirts, hoodies & deck of cards from Canada

4189. Does your age make you embarrassed?
Nope, I'm 49

4190. Are you the strong and silent type?
I can be though I also can be pathetic and loud, too

4191. What do your shoes look like?
Which pair? My White & Blue tennis shoes.....My White & Grey tennis shoes.....My Black BoBos or My Black slip ons......I'll stop there I have many more pairs of shoes

4192. Do you ever admire yourself while naked?

4193. If you could make someone's clothes magically disappear who would you do it to and where?
The Undertaker

4194. Who is more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows the first fool?
The fool that follows the first fool

4195. A good website for the bored (not a diary one):

4196. Did people REALLY land on the moon?
I would like to think so

4197. Would you rather live for a month in India or Alaska?

4198. What is one country you would NEVER visit and why?
Jamaica....Cause one of my friends was there and she said when they go to the bathroom they do it right on the street

4199. Who is the busiest person you can think of?
My Uncle Ed

4200. What is the average length of your relationships?
I am devoted to my husband for ten years

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