Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog Challenge For July: Day 10

A New Blog Challenge For JULY !!
Here we go with another challenge

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My mother inspired my life because she has been through a lot and always seemed to come out of it and succeed in life. She never complained once about any of her illnesses.
She had been in and out of hospitals most of my life and every time she went she would say this is Gods plan.
She was always there for my brothers, sister and I till she passed away in May 1992.
We was always able to count on her no matter what.
My Dad also inspired because he never gave up. In 2005 my brothers, sister and I found out he had colon cancer. We was all depressed besides him; he just smiled. When I asked him why he was smiling; he replied "It is just a speed bump of the road of life and I'm going to keep on driving." He never complained. Over the years the doctor would tell him he only has 3 months, every time he would say he's not ready to go. Six years later July 2011 he was getting worse he wasn't able to really take care of his self and the doctor didn't want him staying alone. He was there for three weeks {another story} and then he came to live with my husband and I. As the cancer was getting worse he would still try and do things and still would tell us it's not his time.
He never complained, He was able to take morphine but never took it, never took any till October 6,2011 10 pm a hour before he past. He never gave up with out a fight.
 My Best Friend Diane
She Is Always There For Me.
She Knows Everything About Me.
She Is The Best Ever.
She Accepts Me For Who I Am.
And Gives Good Advice To Overcome Obstacles.


  1. Your parents sound like the best kind of parents

  2. Sorry for your double loss, your parents sound like such wonderful people, and very inspiring examples of how to live. Very beautiful.
    Inspiration comes from many people

  3. What an awesome couple your mum and dad were and three cheers for your BFF. Where would we be without out besties?