Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5000 Question Part Forty Three{4201 - 4300}


Part Fourty-Four
4201. Has your life lacked a miracle?
Lately . . . kind of . . . it's complicate. It would be a miracle if I can get some sleep and get my focus

4202. Would you shoot a terrorist?
Yes, If I had to

4203. Were you an unlovely child?
I thought I was

4204. In the recent Michael Jackson documentary was he treated fairly?
I don't know, I didn't see it

4205. New York City and other places along the East Coast have recently been said to be the next terrorist targets. What do you think about this?
NYC has a lot of people....There is always something going on there

4206. What should the last question in this survey be?
Can you believe you answered 5000 Questions?

4207. Are you more likely to think so deeply about things that you forget to take out the garbage OR be wrapped up in your life and  forget to think deeply about things?
I think deeply about things

4208. In what ways are you destructive?
I am extremely blunt and I can be very harsh on my words

4209. If you're not with the one you love can you love the one you're with?
I'm with the one I love

4210. Why is it that when you hang upside down the blood rushes to your head but when you stand up the blood doesn't rush to your feet?
Actually it does that is why some people get lightheaded when they get up too fast. It's called gravity

4211. Do you demand a better future?
Good or bad I'll take the future God has for me

4212. Does it make you uncomfortable to meet a person with a handicap or deformity (retarded, deaf, lacking a limb, etc.)?
No, they are just like everyone else when you get to them, they just do things differently

4213. What did you think of the movie Vanilla Sky?
Never seen it

4214. What is your favorite thing to dip into fondue?

4215. Are you moe like Wayne or Garth?

4216. SNL or Mad TV?

4217. Best three REM songs:
I don't know

4218. Name something you do that might be considered eccentric:
Being myself.......Don't go out side unless I have to

4219. Are you hard or easy to love?

4220. Could you be the next american idol?

4221. If you were going on american idol what would you:
I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear or sing cause I wouldn't go on American idol


4222. Is Simon Cowell sexy or does he suck?
He's okay

4223. What was the last thing you used a credit card for?
Out to eat

4224. Do you like back or foot massages more?
I like both but the way my back feels I'll take a back massage

4225. If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why oh why can't I?
Your bones are not hollow

4226. Why do teachers always want blue or black ink?
So they can read the papers clearly

4227. What do you keep your change in?
A old wine jug

4228. Do you read playgirl or playboy for the articles?

4229. Are you old fashioned? In what ways?
In some ways.....I feel you shouldn't cheat on your partners.....Kids show respect....Cook dinner everyday for my hubby....3 meals on his days off

4230. If you were going to get a mentor who would your top three choices be (out of everyone alive)?
My Aunt Betty......My Brother-In-Law Gaylord......My Uncle Raymond

4231. Would you rather visit France or Thailand?

4232. You love your partner but they are a slob. They aren't likly to change. Your thoughts:
My hubby can make a mess at times, I clean it up though he helps me clean when I need it

4233. Is anything brainwashing people?
The media

How/in what ways?
They make people that they have to be this unrealistic version of beauty to be successful

4234. If you were a sex psitols song which one would you be (some choices in case you aren't familiar with them: Holiday in the Sun, Bodies, No Feelings, Liar, Problems, Seventeen, Pretty Vacant, New York, E.M.I.)?

4235. Are you more likely to drink moderately and often or drink within an inch of your life but only once in a while?
Only once in awhile

4236. What scares you most about war?
Death to soon

4237. You find a man with wings (an angel?) half dead in your back yard. the first thing you do is:
Try to help him heal his wounds

4238. Why do people go to faith healers when there is so much proof that they are fake?They want something to have hope / faith in

4239. When someone you care about is really angry with you how do you feel and how do you deal with that feeling?It depends why they angry with me for. Did they say something and I say my peace, they will get over it, if not that's upon them.
If I did or said something I would try and fix it somehow.

4240. There's a guy who sometimes get violent with his wife. He will scream 'I LOVE you!' While he hurts her. Do you think there could be any love there?I think he has some problems and needs to get serious help. Love should not be associated with violence or pain. If love is there it is lost
4241. Name at least three things that make you want to cry.
{1}My family and friends crying
{2}Missing my Mom and Dad
{3}Some movies

4242. Is John Malkovitch sexy? Is Billy Corgan?
Is Michael Stipe? Is Moby? Is Sinead O'Connor?No to all of them

4243. Imagine there's a lepper and he wants to be cured but instead of going away his sores sprout sunflowers? Would that be a miracle? Would that tell you anything about anything?
I guess it would be a miracle, Just not the miracle the person wanted

4244. Do you watch people?Yes, I do

4245. Do you have anything that doesn't belong to you?Yes, I have my sister-in-law Kay's bowl....She isn't missing it I have had for two years....My brother said it wasn't hers....I know it is

4246. what is normal?
Anything that bores you to death

4247. You are given your own private island. What would you name it, and who is allowed to live there with you?
"Sunshine's Resort" ~~ My close friends can live there with me

4248. How can you prevent war?
Talk things out

How can we all prevent it?We need to have more clear communication

4249. If something is wrong in society and you don't like it but you do nothing about it, in a way aren't you supporting it?
I guess so... Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease

4250. Do you like Leslie Nielson?
Not really

4251. If you could make a new toothpaste flavor what would it be?
It would taste like Hot Sauce

4252, Have you ever called the police or the fire department?
Years ago I had called the cops twice ~~ Fire department once

Why and what happened?Police ~ once on my X-brother-in-law Beaver, he threatened to kill my sister
The second time was my X-boyfriend Scott ~~ long story

Fire department ~ when I worked at the nursing home, we smelled gas, we didn't want to take the chance

4253. What's more important, freedom or security and why?
Freedom, I think everyone should protect themselves

4254. Who pays most of the taxes, rich people, or average people or poor people?Average people

Who should pay the most?Those who spend the most and politicians....then they might think better about the budget

4255. You are on the weakest link with these contestants: a monkey, Simon Coswell, Hayden Christensen, Cher, a guy in a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume and GW Bush. Who do you vote off as the weakest link and why?GW Bush, because he would be the weakest link....he only got into office, because he saw his father do it and he had oil money

4256. Do you like:

mint skittles?

mint ice cream?No

junior mints?Yes

4257. Does protesting/demonstrating really have any effect?Yes

4258. After the world demonstrated against war with Iraq, Saddam was quoted as saying america was 'weak and isolated'. Do you believe this is so?I don't believe we were weak, but like the naïve teenager who lost a fight with the older sibling

4259. Have you ever wanted to be with someone who was off limits?No

4260. Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you would kiss your hand imagining it was them?Yes

4261. Are there any situations when cheating on someone is okay?Only when you and your spouse agrees to have an open relationship but, then that isn't cheating is it....

4262. When you feel empty inside what do you fill yourself up with?Music, Good food, Laughter

Where does it come from?It comes from within, Kitchen, Family & Friends

4263. Would you rather be loved or desired?Loved

4264. When you remember something do you remember yourself to be more or less graceful/positive/smooth than you actually were?It depends on the situation ...... I am my worst critic so usually see myself worst than I was

4265. How can you tell the days of the week apart without using a calendar?Hubby is off Sunday ~~ Monday Night Raw ~~ Tuesday Bath the dogs ~~ Wednesday Main Event & Steak & Hot Wing Night ~~ Thursday Impact Wrestling  And Friday Night SmackDown ~~ Saturday Call from my Aunt

Are your days really different or all the same?Most of the time all the same

4266. Who started punk rock?A really pissed off person

Who started goth?Someone who enjoys the dark side

Who started hip hop?Someone who wanted to bash someone

4267. What 3 things about you have shaped your life the most?My Parents....My Shyness growing up....My Husband

4268. Is your mind awake?I hope

Is your soul?Yes

Were they always?

If not, can you remember a moment or a few moments that helped you wake up?When I was left alone

4269. Have you ever misperceived what was going on only to discover it when it was too late?Yes, It happens more than you think

4270. Do you understand the human heart?Yes

4271. How important is your weight?It bothers me a lot! I do need to lose for medical reasons

How important is your partner's weight?As long as he's healthy

4272. What color is the wind?Multicolored, according to Pocahontas

4273. Do you believe children or adults know more?Depends on the subject

4274. Do you believe you are crazy?Yup! Aren't we all?!

4275. Did you predict the ending to Joe Millionaire?I don't watch reality shows ~ don't like them

Is there something you care about less than you care about Joe Millionaire?I'm sure there might be

4276. Snow blower or shovel?Shovel but we really need a Snow blower

4277. List everything you ate in the last 24 hours?Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing

4278. Have you ever plagerized?Nope
If yes, what and why?

did you get caught?


No one could act in that daredevil movie. The script sucked as well. This is not a question.


4279. Who specifically annoys you?
Lots of people and things ~~ That would be a blog all by it's self

4280. What is your favorite blanket like?My Angel fleece blanket

4281. How do you feel about teachers comming on to their students?I think the teachers should have learned control or deal with students of 18

Students comming on to their teachers?Students needs to discuss their feeling and learn to control them

4282. In what ways do you keep yourself entertained?Facebook....Blogging...Surveys /meme's.....Crafts.....Playing with Princess and Angel.....Sleeping.....Doing Swaps

4283. Entertainers (musicians, sports players) are the highest paid people in america. Why are we so obsessed with being entertained?Most people get bored easily

4284. Do you want a perfect body?Whose definition of perfection?

4285. Do you want a perfect soul?No, my imperfections are what make me who I am

4286. Which do you want more?Neither....I'll just be the imperfect me

4287. Do you want people to notice when you're not around?I'm sure they know I'm not around

4288. Are you more of a creep, a wierdo or special?Special Weirdo

4289. Who wrote the bible?Many people contributed to writing the bible

4290. Who wrote the book of love?Warren Davis, George Malone and Charles Patrick ~~ three members of the group Monotones

4291. Who put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp?Barry Mann

4292. Who rocks the party that rocks the party?Les Savy Fav

4293. If you could pick 5 things to study with no limits what 5 things would you pick?
{1} Paranormal
{2} Computers
{3} Photography
{4} Ancestry
{5} Write

4294. Do you study any of them on your own?No

4295. What's more important, learning or getting the hell out?Learning

4296. What is your favorite highlighter color?Yellow

4297. Give everyone some advice:First, make sure that the person who is taking to you is actually wants advice. He or she may just want you to listen and be a good friend. Don't assume that everyone wants advice. You may have some insight into the problem{s}, but you really need to listen to a person first for a long time to understand the situation. If, and only if, your friend actually ASKS for advice you then furnish it
4298. Are you practically perfect in every way?I'm perfect at not being perfect in any way

4299. Are you nasty and tricksy?I can be nasty at times

4300. Where is the precious?
It depends on which precious you are asking about?!

If you are talking about the....................
Movie ~~~ On DVD some where
The precious love of my life ~~ He is in bed, 3:30 AM comes early
My precious stepchildren ~~ Home in PA
My precious Grandchildren ~~ Home in PA also
My precious babies Princess And Angel ~~ Laying here next to me on the couch
My Cockatiel "Precious" ~~ In her cage sitting on her eggs

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