Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prayers For Kiera

March 14,2017

My sweet beautiful great niece Kiera 7 was in a accident  with her Dad, Mom & Brother Aiden 9 on March 11,2017.

Kiera has lots of broken & fractures, bleeding on brain, broken jaw , trachea ripped?
Kiera had surgery the morning of the 12th
And then...........
9 pm Kiera was rushed back for emergency surgery to remove a piece of her skull because the pressure was so bad they couldn't get it under control. They will know in 3 days
how her condition is.

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  1. Lord you love Kiera as you love all childeren bring healing to Kiera who is not well stay by her side and comfort her through this trying time. Keep us ever mindful of your loving presence Bless us with your powerful healing and comfort us also. Jesus please lay your loving hands upon Kiera and lift her up. In Jesus name we pray Amen