Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Saturday March 11, 2017 My Husband JR & I was sitting relaxing at home watching TV. KDKA alert came over the phone at 6:30 pm.
JR said there is a 2 car accident on 982. We went back to watching the movie and talked about we hope everyone in the accident was okay and Praying for all involved.

Area of 440 Pleasant Valley Road near the Country Club in Bullskin Township, 2 vehicle head on collision with injuries and possible entrapment.

8:30 pm ~~ The phone starts ringing. The name Barry comes up on the TV. As always JR says wonder what he wants? Who knows......

Am I hearing this right?!
Never in my life did I think it was my family!

Look at that beautiful smile he has! My husbands nephew Jim and his wife Heather and 2 of their kids Aiden 9 & Kiera 7 was in the accident. We don't know how the accident happen yet.

Jim is a hard working guy for CSX Railroad

I still can't believe it!! Jim died on impact.

Thank God this little Handsome guy Aiden 9 got out okay!
Heather & Kiera needs a lot of prayers!
Heather ~
The head bleeding in the lungs she got a broken femur,broken wrist her fever's broken in 5 difference places. She has had a few surgery's the past few days. This morning she is to have surgery on her Ankle & leg.
Sweet baby girl Kiera 7 ~ lots of broken & fractures, bleeding on brain, broken jaw , trachea ripped?
Kiera had surgery the morning of the 12th
And then...........
9 pm Kiera was rushed back for emergency surgery to remove a piece of her skull because the pressure was so bad they couldn't get it under control. They will know in 3 days
how her condition is.

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