Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Stealing:The Question Of Age

March 5, 2017

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Questions of Age
1. By a certain age, women should know how to take care of themselves.

2. By a certain age men, should know how to treat women.

3. When I was young I thought by now I would have children of my own besides my stepchildren.

4. Now that I am older I wish I had taken care of my health

5. You know that you are too old to do an activity when you have  a lot of pain to do anything. 

6. You know you are too young to do an activity when you are to little. 

7. When I was in high school I listened to the music of Bee Gees, Shaun Cassidy, Kenny Rogers.

8. When I was in college (or the next four years after high school) I listened to the music of Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton and other country singers.

9. These days, at my age I find myself listening music of Kenny Rogers and Tracy Byrd.

10. For my last birthday I was cleaning & painting the rooms in our trailer in PA to get it ready to move into.

11. On my next birthday I want to try a new Italian restaurant that is about two miles down the road.

12. The best birthday present I ever got was wrestling tickets for the third row back on floor seats.

13. The first time I felt that I was an adult was when my mother passed away and I had to take care of the house and fixed dinner for my dad.

14. The last time I felt like I was still a kid was when I was playing 

15. I would sum up 2016 by saying it was a lot better than 2015!

16. I hope I will sum up 2017 by saying in December that 2017 was so much better than 2016.

17. So far in terms of age, I feel my first big milestone was when I got through my stroke with no side effects.

18. As I look forward to the rest of my life’s journey, I feel my biggest milestone of my life will be coming in the future.

19. By the time I was the age I am now I am surprised that I haven’t yet died.

20. By the time I am 65, I hope that I have hit the lottery.

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