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5000 Question Part Fourty-Five {4401 - 4500}


Part Fourty-Six
4401. Do online relationships actually work?
I have never been in a online relationship so I personally don't know. Though I have a friend that was in an online relationship ~ they have been together for about 10 years now.
It might work for some and it might not for others

4402. Did you know who Nora Jones was before the grammys?
I heard of her but never really listened to her

4403. In Maine school teachers are being told by the board of education that cannot criticize the possible upcomming war in front of students because those kids with military parents were getting upset by it in a few cases. What do you think of this?
You can not keep someone from their first amendment rights

4405. Should a convicted murderer have the same right to be on the organ donor waiting list as anyone else?
If you are on death row, No... But, If you killed in self defense they yes you should have a second chance

4406. Is there a difference between american rights and human rights? If so what is the difference?
I hope there is no difference, but I think politics have made a difference especially to those with lots of money

4407. What is the only completely instrumental album ever to be labeled as having explicit lyrics?
I have no idea

4408. Who would you rather put in a box and mail to abu dabbi, Tipper Gore or Hilary Clinton?
Tipper Gore

4409. What are your top three favorite comic strips?
Garfield, Blondie And Marmaduke

4410. Can you name anything that sucks more than Creed?
Hard Rock Music

4411. Is eminem a genius?
I don't know

Why or why not?
I don't know him

4412. Where is abu dabbi anyway?
I have no idea

4413. Where do you think woman are the most free from social pressure to please men, the US, Egypt or Japan and why?
Japan, Women don't have no rights there or it's limited

4414. Is there a difference between crisps and crackers?

4415. If you were going to download three movies that you wouldn't have paid for but you'll watch since they're free what would you download?
Any Horror Movies

4416. If you had a ferret what would you name it?
We had one a few years ago, It's name was "Stinky"

4417. What do you think of peta?
I'm not sure.... I do like to eat meat, so I don't think we agree on many things. I think should be only no kill shelters

4418. If you started your own music awards show what would be the three most prestigious awards you gave out and who would win them this year?
Concert: Tracy Byrd ~~~ All Tim Favorite Singer: Conway Twitty ~~~ Song That I Have To Sing To: "The Keeper Of The Stars" By Tracy Byrd

What would your show be looking for in an artist?
How meaning the lyrics are

4419. Is there a difference between a musical artist and an entertainer?
Yes, It all in the elements of the show and audience participation

4420. How would you rank the following people, artist or entertainer?

Weird Al:Entertainer

Britney Spears: Entertainer

David Bowie: Entertainer

Eminem: Artiest

Moby:  Artiest

Marilyn Manson:  Artiest

Tiny Tim:  Artiest

The Monkeys: Entertainer

The Sex Pistols:  Artiest

4421. Why does Polly Pocket no longer fit into your pocket?
Because little girls wants to be a Princess

4422. Would you eat a cereal called Mud & Bugs?
Yes, there is such a cereal.
Probable not

4423. If you were a mythical creature which one would you be?

4424. What do you think of the new pregnant barbie (called happy family barbie)?
It's nice

4425. What is one thing you know is a lie?
My niece Heather is honest with me

4426. How is your soul today?

4427. Are you into sci fi?

4428. What's a 'poppet'?
Older spelling of puppet

4429. How's the name Shane?
I like the name Shane

4430. What is expected of your gender that you don't quite live up to?
Making Babies ~ Cause I can't have babies

4431. Kool-aid. if it'll dye your hair, try to imagine what it does to your stomach:
It does dye your inside, now if we can it to glow we can use it for medical stuff instead of that chalky crap

Do people still dye their hair with kool-aid?
I don't Know

4432. If you build it, they will come.

What is it? Ghost

who are they? Old baseball the movie

4433. What would you never do to get attention?
Have sex with anyone other than my husband
4434. Should we try to control nature?

4435. Who is the most powerful villain in the universe?

4436. Invent a superhero to deal with that villain?

4437. Who are you desperately missing?
My parents

4438. What gives you a feeling of perfection and peace?

4439. Are you already whole and complete or does something make you whole and complete?
I'll be as complete as I will ever be

A baby would make me more complete

4440. Do you prefer the word mankind or humankind?

4441. Do you look good in yellow?
I don't think so

4442. What do you want to win?
The lottery ~~ Real big of course where my hubby can retire

4443. What gives someone power?
Money, Lies, Blackmail, or Simple Submissions

Who has power over you?
My husband when I let him which is not often

Who do you have power over?

4444. What question do you really want to know the answer to:

in general?
Who is keeping all the drama going

about yourself?
Will I ever get back on my diet and lose the weight I what

4445. The lamest Disney movie ever was:
Finding Nemo....I just didn't like it

4446. One thing you thought you would never miss but do is:
My relationship with my niece Tina And Sister-In-Law Roxanne {Long Story}

4447. In what ways are you a rold model?
I'm a hard worker, Encourage to go for their dreams

In what ways are you a bad example?
My mood changes, I have them a lot!

4448. How is your blood pressure?

4449. What was our last horrble nightmare about?
Someone was trying to kill me

4450. Hey you. What do you say?

4451. What is your favorite waste of time (BESIDES this survey)?
Being on Facebook

4452. How would you like to die?
In my sleep

4453. What are three words used in your area/dialect that many other areas/dialects wouldn't be familiar with?
I'm not sure with myself, personally...... People say Pop instead of Soda, People saying Youns and Ya instead of Yes

4454. What are the ages of the oldest and youngest person you've ever had sex with?
For the past 10 years it has been my husband and he his 51, My X boyfriend was 5 years younger than me

4455. What is the wierdest place you have ever woken up?
Bowling Alley

Did you remember how you got there?

4456. How do you feel when your partner is talking to an ex?
My hubby doesn't talk to his ex often, when he does I feel fine my husband loves me and I have no worries

4457. Is there an unrequited (unreturned) love in your life?

4458. What is the most expensive gift you have ever

A flat screen TV

My laptop

4459. List three traits that might help you to fall madly in love:
{1} Facial Hair
{2} Honesty
{3} Understanding me

4460. Do children like you?
Love them

4461. If you found your child's diary would you read it?

What if you found the diary of one of your parents?
I would now since they are both gone

4462. Have you ever stalked or killed a wild animal?

4463. True or Fales.

You are moody in the morning:True

woman first:True

baby corn freaks you out:False

Life is fair:False, Life is only what you make of it

4464. Name something you are now prepared to reveal about yourself that you weren't ready to talk about in the past?
I'm pretty open about myself, I can't think of anything new

4465. Name a talent someone has of which you are jealous:
Photographic memory rereading minds...the whole psychic thing

4466. What would you think if you met yourself at a party?
Why is she sitting there not talking

4467. What would you most likely complain about in a Hotel?
Not being clean

4468. Agree or disagree.

men need to be treated like children:Disagree

it is possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time:Disagree

you often feel pressured by others:Disagree

couples should live together before marriage:Disagree

4469. If you owned a restraunt what kind of cuisine would you serve?
I would serve more comfort food and home style type of cooking. Something that is hearty and worth the money; it would make people want to come back

4470. Three words that describe your ideal day in bed are:
Comfy, Warm and Laptop

4471. If you had a ticket for a month is paradise where would you go?

4472. All men like to hear:
I'm naked and ready to go all night long

All woman like to hear: "I Love You"

4473. If you are a woman what is your most masculine or macho trait or ability?
Not sure
If you are a man what is your most feminine trait or ability?

4474. How would you feel attending the wedding of an ex?
I wouldn't attend unless it was my brother-in-law {my husbands brother}, I would be fine at his

4475. Fiction or nonfiction.

You can lie with a straight face:Nonfiction

You pee in the shower:Fiction

you prefer honesty even when it hurts:Nonfiction

uncapped toothpaste causes problems:Fiction

4476. What is the longest lust can last?

4477. What would you like to experience while blindfolded?
Different food at a restraint

4478. The most horrifying couple you know is:
Dana & Rich

4479. Name three things you have experienced that would shock your parents:
Had sex in my Dads bed, Can't think of anything else

4480. The oddest thing you have ever put in your mouth is:
Credit Card

4481. Lie or truth.

love is a battlefield:Truth

you watch too much tv:Lie

woman enjoy sex as much as men do:Truth

you are often tired:Truth

4482. What is the craziest thing you've done for attention?
I honestly don't do nothing for attention

4483. Do you believe in using the silent treatment?
No, It doesn't work for me

4484. Your most embaressing thought:
I have had fantasies with the WWE "The Undertaker"

4485. Your most prejudiced thought:
If you are going to be in America speak English!

4486. A shameful moment for you:
Being at the wrong place at the wrong time

4487. The biggest gamble of your life:
Finding the love of my life

4488. What is your greatest weakness as a friend?
I am too generous and gullible. I want to help others and I get burned a lot

4489. Yes or No.

complaining is a release:Yes

James Bond movies are sexy:No

You feel better when you have a tan:Yes

You sometimes eat your boogers:No

If yes, that's okay.

4490. Do you sometimes enjoy being mean?
Sometimes, when I have no other choice

4491. Are you high maintenance?
I try not to be

4492. Would you rather assume the role of sexual student or teacher?

4493. How many lovers do you consider to be too many?
At the same time?! Two

4494. What fortune would you want to find in a fortune cookie?
Numbers that you play on the lottery and really win

4495. Nothing says lovin' like:
BBQ Chicken on the grill

4496. Have you seen Bowling for Columbine?
If yes what'd you think of it?

4497. Do you overuse the word genius?

4498. Are you proud of the history of your people?
I am proud of the history of my family

Why or why not?
The worked hard and helped others

4499. Do you think about world destruction?
I don't think it will happen in my life time

4500. What object could completely symbolize maleness?
American Football

How about femaleness?
Flowers and chocolate

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