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5000 Question Part Forty-Eight {4701 - 4800}


Part Forty-Nine

4701. What is your reaction to beggers and homeless on the streets?
It irritates me because we live in a world where people don't have shelter....

Are they lazy?
I believe some are lazy, but I think some just needs help

I think some are messed up by past wars and some just don't want to work, in the streets for drugs

4702. Does pure altruism exist?
I do believe that there are few that are loyal, but human over all is tainted and corrupted

Why or why not?
I have seen people care for another; therefore it does exist. It's just rare

4703. Is 'You like me and I like it all' an attitude you might have?

4704. Finish the words.

Ch: Chain

An: Answers

Ge: Geography

So: Song

Ne: News

Bo: Boxing

Wi: Wii

E: Excellent

4705. What's your favorite science fiction movie?
I Am Legend

Make it a double feature. What's your second favorite?
Any Horror Movie

4706. If you had a remote control for people who would you set on mute?
Well I haven't met anyone in Ohio yet that I would, But if I was in PA it would be Dana or Vanessa

4707. When have you felt like you were living in the twilight zone?
After every time I come out of a seizure

4708. Do you have penis envy?
Do you have vagina envy?
I don't think anyone should have any kind of envy. I love my husbands penis and he loves my vagina and that is why we have sex

4709. The maker doesn't want it; the buyer doesn't use it; and the user doesn't see it. What is it?
A Coffin
4710. A child is born in Boston, Mass., to parents who were both born in Boston, Mass. The child is not a U.S. citizen. How is this possible?
That child was born before 1776

4711. Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth?
Mount Everest was the highest mountain on Earth, It just wasn't discovered

4712. If you had to choose between being 3ft. tall or 9ft. tall which would you be?
I'm already use to the short jokes being 5 ft. so I'll choose 3 ft. besides I don't want to be taller then my husband

4711. If you could know the answer to any 3 questions, what would they be?:
{1} What are the winning numbers to hit the Power Ball
{2} What is the cure for cancer?
{3} Will I ever meet my half sister Terry that I don't know?

4712. If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the body or the mind of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?
The Mind!

4713. Would it disturb you much if, upon your death, your body were simply thrown into the woods and left to rot? Why?
I wish to at least be honored enough to be buriers just to know at least one person remember me beyond my death

4714. Would you like to know the precise date of your future death?
Sometimes I think I would like to know so I can do everything I would like to do and see everyone I would like to.....And other times I don't think I would want to know cause if I did know I would just worry about leaving my husband and family I would die before my time

4715. Would you be willing to give up all television for the next 5 years if it meant 1,000 starving children in Indonesia would eat and get medical care?
No, I couldn't miss my wrestling, Besides the truth is for ever dollar that people send only 25 cents really get used the other money ends up in pockets somewhere, How about the starving children here in America, No one ever thinks of them, Yes I would give up TV for five years if it meant 1,000 in America would eat and get medical care

4716. Name a close friend of the opposite sex:
Imagine they are from another country, visiting yours. Their visa is almost expired and if they get sent back to their country they may never get another visa to leave again. Would you marry them if after two years you could divorce them and they would be allowed to stay in your country?
Gaylord ~~ If he was a very very close friend I might

4717. Do you always call/email in when you take a day off from school or work?
I always called in to walk to call off, if not they would consider you a no show and besides it is only considerate to your coworkers to let them know you won't be in

4718. A fatalist believes that the future is mapped out in a pattern. A causalist believes that every event is tied to a previous event. Neither believes in free will. An indeterminist believes in total free will. Which are you?
First of all life is NOT just black or white, I believe in free will, but I also believes that fates to interfere on some events, so what does that make me? I like to think I'm spiritually creative

4719. Would you rather have a masters degree in economics or creative writing?
Creative Writing


4718. Do you feel the need to defend the honor of your family and demand respect?
I don't demand anything, I will defend the honor of my family

4719. What do you think about that no one else thinks about?
I'm sure a lot of things!! You know those trailer trucks that carries new cars, Wonder if those chains ever break loose and all the cars roll off?!

4720. Which of the following best describes you: C

A:A laid back person who enjoys watching sports and playing with computers.

B:An apathetic person who is open minded and passionate about music.

C:A feisty person who lacks an attention span.

D:Avant garde and over confident.

4721. Why are so many letters silent in French?
I don't know. English has silent letters also

4722. For all the freedoms that people in the United States enjoy what are some of the ways that these people oppress themselves willingly and why?
There privacy like facebook cause they want to

4723. What, besides genetics and besides your environment and experiances, makes you what/who you are?
My hopes, fears and dreams

4724. What bands do your parents listen to that you:

They both didn't like Rock

Mom liked Freddy Fender and My Dad liked Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, Conway Twitty and many more

4725. What do you find:

Movies or Shows I can not predict

Everyday life

4726. How easily do you understand Shakespeare?
I can understand the large picture, but his type of speech really does get in the way

4728. Translate into regular English: 'Romeo Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?'
She's asking "where" is Romeo

4729. What's your favorite girl scout cookie?
Do Si Dos~Peanut Butter Sandwiches And Thin Mints

Is it made from real girl scouts?
Girl Scout cookies are made by large national commercial bakeries under license from Girl Scouts of the USA
4730. How do you open your car door when it freezes shut?
JR my car door is frozen shut

4731. Why is it that 95 percent of the letters in French words are not pronounced?
I have no idea

4732. What are you Dreading?
To find out what the lump is in my arm

4733. When will your ship come in?
I wish I knew, Hopefully soon

4734. Do you create your art for free?

4735. The Pope's recent message to George Bush is 'Go into Iraq and you go without God'. What do you think of this quote?
Why don't the Pope go into Iraq without God, That is nice as I can be with words

4736. Have/would you ever taken a botany (plants) course?

4737. Are you using your own computer or someone else's to take this survey?
My own laptop

4738. What two actors/actresses would you like to see together?
Julie Roberts And Sam Elliott

What type of movie do you want to see them in?
A Horror movie

4739. How do you like your pop-corn?
Lots of butter

4740. Watching movies: At the theatre or at home?
At home

4741. Which of Johnny Depp movies is your favorite?
A Nightmare On Elm Street

4742. Is it true what they say about Star Trek movies, that only every other one is worth seeing?
I have no idea cause I don't like Star Trek

4743. Someone once said, 'Every possible outcome of something takes place in a parallel universe. So there is free will, but your choises only determine which of those parallel universes you live in.' Your reaction?
That is one theory, who knows maybe we travel to those other realms in our sleep

4744. Why do you think a man 25 or above might date a teenager?
They want to feel young again, It's a ego boost

Why do you think a woman 25 or above might date a teenager?
They want someone they can dominate, or it was mere attraction

Any moral objections?
Some teenagers are not mature enough

4745. Is there a difference between what is legal and what is ethical?
I feel that is a loaded question......

Should there be?
I am just going to say we should treat those the way we want to be treated

4746. Point out something obvious:
You don't know how to count

Point out something that isn't obvious at all:
I added questions 4738 to 4741

4747. How do you stay so thin?
HaHa Thanks, I need the ego boost, I am far from being thin

4748. When looking at a clear night sky what constellations can you locate?
The Big Dipper's over our house whe we can see it

4749. What movie has the worst ending ever?
I know there is a few, but I can't think of any right now

The best ending ever?

4750. Are you feeling groovy?
I'm too tired to feel groovy

4751. Oh the tangled web we weave when:
We get caught up in lies

4752. Do you own anything velevet?

If yes, when you wear it can you keep from touching it?

4753. Who have you been friends with the longest?
My Best Friend Diane

How long have you two been friends?
44 years

4754. Who do you feel like you are in competition with?
I'm not in no competition with anyone

4755. Is American culture more like Mexican culture or more like Japanese culture and why do you think so?
Mexican....There is more here than in Mexico

4756. What subject are you so familiar with that you could you write an FAQ (frequently asked questions) list about it?
A conversation

What would one question on that list be?
How are you?

What is the answer to that question?
I woke up this morning so I am fine

4757. 'Don't use the rules.

They're not for you - they're for the fools

and you're a fool if you don't know that.

So use the rules you stupid fool'

How do you feel about these Clash lyrics?
There cute!

4758. Are you for or against:

Unconditional Religious tolerance? For

World Peace Under One Government? I don't think there is world peace under one government

Total Freedom? For

Feminism? For, but they should work just like men

Love For all Creatures and People? For

Organized Religion?

The Freedom to be Homophobic? Against

The War on Terror? Against

The Green Party? I'm not sure

4759. Have you read any of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty books?
Not yet

If yes, what did you think of them?
I want to read them in the future

4760. Can you do any voices or impressions and if yes, what ones?

4761. Guys, is it true that gentlemen prefer blondes?
Not all, My husband don't like blonds

Girls, do blondes really have more fun?
I don't know, I'm not a blond

4762. Do you enjoy sneaking up on people?

4763. Do you often break plans?
No,, Just in emergency

4764. "Angry" and "hungry" are two words that end in "gry". There are three words in "the English language." What is the third word? Everyone knows what it means and everyone uses it every day. Look closely and I have already given you the third word. What is it?
HAHA I know this!! This is a trick question! I can think of three answers.

The re are three words that end in "gry" ~ "Angry" and "Hungry", the third word is "Language" Since this version requires quotation marks around the phrase, "the English language", the written version gives away the trick


There are three words that end in "gree" ~ "Angry" and "Hungry", the third word is "Agree"


Three words that end in "gry" that everyone uses every day, First two is "Angry" and "Hungry" The third word is "Energy".....It never said what order they was in.

4765. Does anyone smoke in your home?
Yes, My husband

If yes, does that bother you?
It doesn't bother at all......Though it does bother me when someone smokes in my house and no one is allow to smoke in there's
I feel if you don't want someone to smoke in your house you shouldn't go into someone else's home and smoke

4766. Have you ever actually seen a pink elephant?

4767. The answer to 4764 is "language". Did you get it?
Get it now, then?

4768. What was the most embaressing or crazy thing you ever dreamed?
That I was famous

4769. Are you depraved (marked by corruption or evil; perverted)?

4770. Who or what comes to mind when you hear the words:

the dangerous objects factory? A scissors factory.... Don't run!

the dude who says dude? Cody

the man in black? Will Smith

the catastrophy involving food? My attempts at cooking

the duct tape incident? Ducting a special needs shoes so she wouldn't take them off

4771. In blackjack, do you often double down?
50/50 when I have a split

4772. Who's the big winner?
Not me

4773. Who do you care more about, your close friend in elementary school that you lost touch with or your first lover?
My close friend in elementary school that I lost touch with.....Why in the heck would I care about someone who cheated on me

4774. What's your favorite part of a cat?
It's Purr

4775. What was on the last cd you burned?
I personally never burnt a cd, I always had my niece or a friend do it for me

4776. If you wanted to learn a new language would you consider buying a Disney movie in that language to pick up pronunciation?

What Disney movie?

4777. Is there a modern plague?


4778. Are your baths and showers so hot that your skin gets red?
Sure is!

4779. When you dry your body after a shower do you dry your parts in the same order each time, almost automatically, or do you dry your parts in a random order each time, thinking about it while you're doing it?
I dry off the same way each time automatically

4780. Do you feel like those who are speak a language around you that you can't understand are making fun of you?
Sometimes, I think they need to go back to the country they came from

4781. If you were blindfolded and your love/partner was placed in a line of fifty people could you pick him or her out only by:

touching the face of each person? Yes

feeling one elbow of each person? Possible

smelling the breath of each person? Yes

licking the neck of each person? Yes

listening to the breathing of each person?  Yes

psychically sensing each person? Yes

4782. Close your eyes and turn your head towards the room you are in. Open your eyes. Describe the first object you see without telling what it is:
It's brown's & green and long and nice and soft

4783. What three questions will you never say NO to?
Do you love your husband?
Do you like to be called Grandma?
Do you really like living in Ohio?

4784. Would you like to see an American in Paris?

4785. Are you more of a couch or a scratching post?

Is there a difference?
Yeah, the difference is a cat

4786. What is more important, imagination or knowledge?
I think they are both important, If I just had to choice one I would say knowledge

4787. Would you consider modern life to be rubbish?

4788. What's the most sinful food?
Chocolate Cheesecake

4789. Name one thing about yourself that you are excessively proud of:
That I had lost 20 pounds
4790. If you went to Hell (imagining there is one) rank these punishments in order of the one you would most prefer to the one you would least prefer.

being broken on the wheel:7

being put in freezing water:3

being force fed rats and snakes:6

being smothered by brimstone and fire:4

being dismembered alive:1

being boiled in oil:2

being thrown into snake pits:5

In my mind hell is not like this. It's just a place where all the interesting people go to drink, talk and tan.

4791. What other windows or websites do you have open on your computer right now?
E-Mail, Facebook, Swap Bop

4792. What kind of student were you in kindergarten?
I was very shy!

4793. What misjudgment do many people make about you?
That just because I don't go places that I can't find out things and the truth

4794. If you had been named according to your personality what would your name be?

4795. What is made for kids but you love it anyway?
I'm sure there is many things but at the moment the only thing  I can think of is kids cereals

4796. Do you believe that China should cease to occupy Tibet?
I don't know

4797. What is your opinion about the north American free trade agreement?

If you don't know go here:
I don't care and the page don't work anymore

4798. Dedicate a song to someone now.

What song?
The Keeper Of The Stars By Tracy Byrd

To who?
My Husband ~~ It's our song

What line from that song most makes you think about this person?
It was no accident me finding you, someone had a hand in it long before we ever knew

4799. Can you live completely in the moment giving no thought to past or future?
No cause I am always thinking about my past and future

4800. Can you honestly say that nothing bothers you?
No, There is so many things that bothers me

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