Sunday, July 17, 2016


It's been 2 1/2 years since I have been on blogger. Wow that's a long time! I'm going to get back in to blogging and doing meme's that I miss doing!

I am also back living in PA!

Back in 2012 Hubby's boss Tom sold his company. Tom & my husband JR was transferred to Ohio
in October 2012.
October 2012 we moved to Mantua, Ohio. My  husband got a job transferred, A offer we could pass up. We lived in Mantua for 2 years than we bought a place 20 minutes away in Garrettsville, Ohio.
We both loved it in Ohio! Both places was like country living!
We loved Ohio but we missed our family specially our grandchildren, After our granddaughter Edith was born March 2016 we really started missing PA. We missed so much the past 4 years of our grandchildren Jordyn, Kenzi, Alexandria, Starr, Richie, Riley, Mason, Harlie Quinn, John and now we have Edith.

We made some great friends in Ohio and we will miss them dearly!!

Tom worked there for 2 years than he came back to PA, After owning his own business for years I don't think he wanted to work & take orders from anyone.
Tom took some time off from work {He can afford to} Any way..... Tom started another company doing the same thing cutting coils.

Feb 2016 Tom got ahold of JR and made him a offer, it also included moving back to PA.

Yes a offer that couldn't be passed up.....It also included Tom paying for our move......

April JR took his vacation and came in to PA and worked for Tom to see how it was.
We sold our trailer in Ohio right away and found a place in Blairsville, PA right away. May 2 JR started working for Tom.

May 14 with the help of my nephew Jimmy, niece Amanda & her boyfriend Jim, Our friends Amy, Kenny & their daughter Allyssa and my stepson Chad we moved back to PA.
We found a trailer in a small trailer court 10 minutes from JR's work, which is very nice!

So nice to be back closer to family which is only an a hour away, lot better than 3 hours.

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